Reliacore is a Swedish company with presence throughout Europe

Reliacore was founded in 2010 and a subsidiary to PDSVision Group, northern Europe’s largest PTC partner. Our primary focus is within the area of RAMS and as a foundation we provide Windchill Quality Solutions (formerly Relex) in Europe. Most important, we have a complete solution offering with software, consulting and training. Reliacore is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.

Whether you are looking for an analytical tool for quality analyses, industry specific consulting or an enterprise-wide and closed-loop corrective action solution, Reliacore is your partner for success.

A little bit more about PDS Vision Group

As a foundation for all software and services PDS Vision Group is a supplier of software for PTC ( and their product portfolios of PLM, CAD, SLM, ALM, QMS and IoT. PDS Vision Group can be found in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Germany and the UK. All subsidiaries work together, support each other, share knowledge and has the flexibility of an individual company to support customers in their respective markets.

PDS Vision Group main focus is companies in the need of a strong and professional partner for IT services and solutions. The vision is to enhance and further develop the PTC offering to fully support these kinds of businesses.

PDS Vision Group and its companies has a strong financial situation with many top credit awards both as a group and as individual companies.
More information about PDS Vision Group and its subsidiaries.